What are Keywords?

How to choose Keywords

Keywords are the words you type into the search engine. “Queries” or questions that we all ask Google every day to receive one or more answers to our requests.

The answers we receive are in the form of a list, usually we users click on the links at the top of the first page of the search results.

The list is automatically generated by Google (except for sponsored sites) based on the match of the keyword entered by the user and those contained within the page of a website.

Keywords must contain the essence of the concept of the website, the article, the blog.

When you choose keywords, specific keywords of your site, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the user. Think about which keyword will be typed in the search engine to get to the concepts you want to present.

Keywords can be single words, word combinations or whole sentences.

These words can be entered and then matched: in the URL, meta tags, body text, alt tags, h1 tags, internal and external links to the site and comments.

You have to be careful with using too many keywords in a too short text. This leads to the opposite effect and therefore Google will exclude it from the search list.

Fundamental, in addition to the choice of the main word (if you can choose more than one) is the structure of the text that will then contain the keywords.

The structure of the text is the next step to the choice of the main words. The content must be well written and not copied and pasted from other sites.