Hosting & Server: The first step to your own website

Hosting & server

Hosting and server services are among the most important services of a web agency. This is the most important part of the website. Hosting means accommodation, so it is the space in which the website is housed. We could say that it is like renting a house, which means that you can also change the house if you find better services or a better fitting to your needs. Changing the rent of websites means transferring the domain from one hosting to another. You can choose between:

– Shared Hosting; the most commonly used solution, which means that the website is hosted on a server shared with other websites (as if it was a shared apartment)
– Dedicated Hosting; it is a more expensive solution because it is a dedicated storage space that does not need to be shared with anyone
– Virtual Private Server (VPS); it offers the same flexibility as the dedicated server, even if the files are found on a server shared with others.

At IG-Global we personally take care of the hosting and server services, in particular:

– Domain registrations
– Domaintransfers
– Cloud solutions
– Transfers
– Configurations
– Maintenance
– Server monitoring

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