What is e-commerce?

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is an online store. It’s like having your own shop, selling your own items, but to a much wider audience, at any time and in any country.

Visibility for your brand around the clock, anywhere.

You don’t need to be a big company to have your own e-commerce.

Even small entrepreneurs and craftsmen decide to “open” their online store, to give more opportunity to their products to be purchased, to have a worldwide showcase.

We are talking about both sales to individual consumers but also sales of large quantities, this greatly reduces costs and increases contacts and orders.

Online selling is convenient for both buyers and sellers.
Buyers can access the web at any time of day regardless of holidays or hours, can calmly choose the item to buy, can more easily access discounts and offers.

The seller can also decide when to devote himself to his articles, update balances and book collections with couriers, this makes it all very flexible.

Opening an online store will never be as expensive as opening a store with walls and furniture.

The best advantage that a seller can get from selling online is definitely the visibility, no square is more frequented than the internet!

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