Full Service

Plan your strategy on several fronts.

Full Service is the service that IG-Global has created for its customers and consists of a project designed to measure.
A strategy planned with the customer based on needs and expectations, our skills to achieve a personalized project!

IG-Global Full Service


Understanding is the basis of every project.

Before proceeding with the design and implementation of the project, advice is essential.
In this way we have the opportunity to fully understand the needs of the customer and we can analyze together the various possibilities.

Web Solutions

The web includes many components.

The web is a world full of pitfalls, finding the right solutions and above all not making mistakes are very important factors today. Website pages,
social media, advertising, email, online reputation are some of the components of Web Solutions.

Website Realization

First impression is important.

The website today has more value than the business card, it is the first impression that customers can have of our business. Content care, personalized graphics and responsive design
(which fits all devices well) are the basis for good online visibility.


Your store showcase visible to everybody.

Electronic commerce allows activities to have a window with products on sale 24 hours a day, where everyone can access and decide what to buy. With the right design and strategy you can get great results!

Software Development

Customize your management.

Being organized in the work is the basis of all activities, we at IG-Global use a management software created by our programmers. For this reason we advise our customers to have a good partner in the management of their business.

Web Marketing

Don't call it advertising.

Visibility, strategy and mediation. These are the main words that can describe web marketing.
Manage the budget for advertising campaigns, mediate comments and reviews in different platforms, make strengths visible.

Advertising Campaigns

Announcements, PPC campaigns etc.

Advertising on the web today is constantly evolving, whenever you think you can establish parameters and precise rules, there are new solutions added and alternative possibilities open up.
Good results are obtained by working in this sector and building a new structure every time, trying and experimenting.

Advertising graphics

Giving the right expression.

Colors, layout, contents. Advertising graphics create a balance between many components of visual communication. Being able to convey the concept using shapes and colors.

Photo & Video

The image counts!

The image and the video are able to tell with simplicity what we want to convey about us and our activity. Simplicity and immediacy are the added value when we decide to use photographs and videos as part of our communication strategy.

Commercial Print

Graphics for custom printing.

Business cards, brochures, custom company gadgets.
Printing is still one of the best ways to communicate with customers and make yourself known locally. Personalized flyers, brochures and company gadgets are an indispensable tool that goes hand in hand with online advertising.

Service & Support

We are at your disposal.

We are at your disposal to support you in improving your work. Helping our customers get their bearings in the IT world. Our employees will be ready to answer any questions you may have about their work and to make any changes you may wish to make.

Hosting & Server

The space you need.

The space within which the website is hosted. We could say that it is like when you rent a house, this means that you can also change house if you find better services or more suitable to our needs.

E-mail & PEC​

Not just e-mail.

„In the right key one can say anything. In the wrong key, nothing: the only delicate part is the establishment of the key.“ – George Bernhard Shaw

Online Security

Protect your data.

Online data security is a major concern for a company that would like to be 100% certain of the protection of its own data and of its clients data.
By simply using social media, we are in a way exploiting the cloud sharing of our data.

Texts & Translations

Advertising texts and site optimization.

Writing for advertising means entering completely into a relationship with the company to be advertised, understanding its needs, vision and mission and above all the public to which it is addressed.