The company logo

The company logo allows us to make our company or our product known to everyone. The company logo is the first thing that speaks for us. Much of what we are at the corporate level we can convey through the logo and the entire corporate image.

Around the web you can find many applications, even free ones, for the creation of logos and brands that mostly always have the same features and shapes. Deciding to rely on these applications is usually not a good choice especially because the result is an impersonal, standard and even trivial “logo”.

Distinguish yourself on the web

A very important factor that increasingly influences our daily lives is the web and the use we make of it by accessing it more often from devices, especially from the mobile phone. This is also a feature not to be underestimated when deciding to create a logo.

Logo must be readable

Think about how the logo might appear on your website and how it might appear on your smartphone.

The responsive design makes the web pages very similar aesthetically and therefore there is even more need for a strong logo. It has to be distinctive and needs to represent the values and the company philosophy.

A well made logo, created in collaboration with professionals, will have the same effect both on the web and on the printed paper. Printed on a business card or on a very large banner.
For getting help in designing the logo it is never too late, in fact even the well-established activities consider the possibility of making a restyling of the company brand.

Finally, remember that the logo will represent your passions, the work of the team. The finished product has to identify through shapes, colors, fonts and naming the style of your ideas.