WooCommerce & PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a platform that was created exclusively to sell things. It has been studied in every detail and is recommended for those who have a large catalog of products, in different sizes and colors.
WordPress is a CMS that was created for the publication of blogs. Over the years it has undergone an exponential evolution to become a partner for the creation of websites.

The plugins

Thanks to the creation of free or paid plugins (extensions), it is possible to add different functions according to the customer’s needs. One of these free functions is the e-commerce plugin WooCommerce. Remember that, being a product of WordPress it is recommended to those who have a website or blog made with this CMS and want to sell its products, services, video contributions, books, etc..


As you may have already understood WooCommerce is recommended to those who have a small catalog of products and services to sell and for those who have to manage minor business opportunities. WordPress is a CMS designed for SEO and, thanks to the functions that are typical for a blog and a website it will be easier to connect with the world of social media. It the will also be easier to share products on offer, rather than asking customers for their opinions on products or services.For those who want to start selling online and also sell products made by themselves, they will have no problem with the plugin WooCommerce. It indeed is a recommended solution for those who want to start a business and need to deal with users. This type of activity could be called “info commerce”.

How to start selling online?

For those who are approaching this possibility for the first time, the best thing to do is to establish some fundamental points:

– Who needs our products
– It is necessary to draw up an indicative profile of the average user who needs our products, who is he, what is the age group, what are his interests and how we can help him. It is practically necessary to establish our target audience.
– How to attract the right people
– Establish a marketing strategy to manage the flow of the right people – on our website.
– Create an e-commerce website that fits your product type
– Decorate our website with the right graphics and brand study.
– Analyze user behavior

Google helps us

Through specific functions provided by Google, such as Google Analytics, it is possible to determine the behavior of users once they have reached our online shop.
For those interested in starting up e-commerce with a small warehouse of selected or artisanal products, or for those who want to sell online only those products that can not dispose of in the store, an e-commerce website created with WordPress is the best solution. In addition, with the laws in force today up to a total annual gain of 5,000 euros you can sell online without VAT. These are small facilities to deal with the world of trade without a large investment and there is nothing better than WooCommerce to start.