Corporate blog. Why it is important to have a corporate blog

The company blog to allow customers to get to know you better

The website is the online business card of a company, the opportunity to be known by everyone in every place and at any time. But who is “everyone” who will visit your website?
If the company website has been conceived as the old “showcase site”, there won’t be many of these people visiting it. The website aims to increase customers and sales thanks to the visibility of the brand. But to get visibility from the right people (ie from our target audience) you have to create some interest.

Generate interest

By interest I mean generating traffic and to generate traffic you need to generate interest. To generate interest you need to update the content and tell a service, an experience, a product and an offer. All this is possible thanks to the company blog.

The company blog can be characterized according to your needs; you can then rename this section (news, events, offers, advice) depending on the activity.

Socials can help us

To make users aware of the publication of a new article on the blog it’s very important to have a good relationship to social media. It is not important to be present on all platforms, but on the social network suitable for your business.

In most cases Facebook is enough because it is the most used social media and it is very well designed to advertise and promote our content.

The right movement

This triggers the circuit of interaction that will lead users to return to read our articles and maybe to accept our offers. When you decide to manage a corporate blog, unless you have a reference figure, you must take advantage of the downtime. Almost every activity has moments when they don’t work much. It is in these dead times that you can plan a strategy suitable for the type of industry. You can proceed by experiment or rely on people from the advertising industry to start setting up the right content marketing and social media marketing strategy.

When you decide to run a corporate blog it’s important to have a few things in mind:
– See how the competition moves
– Be consistent with the corporate brand
– Write and report content related to the central theme of our blog
– Organize an editorial plan to establish, for example, to publish a new article every Thursday and the offer of the month every last week of the month (previous)
– Create interest on social media also through paid advertising campaigns, to begin with
– Publish outside the blog (create mini posts only for Facebook, Google plus, etc.)
– Create a community (allow users to comment and express their opinion and respond to positive and negative comments)
– Do not abandon the project for long periods of time
– Diversify so as not to bore, or rather, create different sections to satisfy more users

These are just a few hints to start.
To be successful, to get a return of image and customers, you have to plan and establish the project before you start to publish articles. Our advertising agency can help you in the design and planning of the structure, content and according to the needs of the company, we choose together the right strategy. We can help you to start. For more information, please send a request to with the subject “company blog”.