Drone – aerial panoramic shots

The Drone is an air vehicle remotely controlled by a pilot. It is a small to medium sized helicopter, used for video and photographic shooting. We can define it as the last frontier of the advertising image. With the drone you can provide another point of view of your images. Ideal for advertising tourist sites and hotels presenting 360-degree panoramic views. Once in flight the “pilot” can control the direction and choose the best shot.

The beauty of the images taken from above is unique. You can leave leave customers breathless. A new point of view for your communication.

We are proud to offer our customers the innovation of the drone, to be able to give you emotions and advertising images never seen before.

Panoramic photographs, emotional videos, which will capture the attention of customers. The video drone allows you to see the images in another perspective, much more dynamic and suggestive than a handheld camera would ever be able to express. The images can be taken from a minimum distance of 20 cm from the ground. For example, to present a company and its team in a way that is dynamic and fun, so as to leave its customers speechless and make it clear that the company they have relied on is modern!

IG-Global is one of the first agencies in South Tyrol, able to offer its customers the opportunity to have images and emotional videos made with the Drone.