Trust IG-Global for the online security of your data.

Online data security is a major concern for a company that would like to be 100% certain of the protection of its own data and of its clients’ data. By simply using social media, we are in a way exploiting the cloud sharing of our data. A photo shared on Facebook remains in history and we can retrieve our image and all the others in the album storage. This premise was necessary to make it clear that the fear of the security of sensitive data online is understandable but unreasonable. Think of the complexity of the structure of a management system and the time it takes to decide all the functions and parameters it must contain. Usually already to create a website the organization is the fundamental step, let alone business management. The more facilitated the work of employees, the more reasoned will be the back end work of the programmers. So, how can a job that requires such a strong organization, study, and perfection in details neglect the online security of your data and documents? A management system and its parts are always protected by passwords that can be changed periodically. Employees themselves will only have access to their area of expertise.

Keep your company safe

IG-Global’s Cloud-based (web) business management solutions provide all the security features you need:

– Reporting when logging in using a connection other than the corporate one
– Warning of the limit of attempts exceeded for logging in with a password.
– Notification of changed management permissions. – Warning of deletion of permissions.
– Notification of appropriate password change.
The security parameters are obviously customizable according to the customer’s requests. This is generally what you would expect in terms of security from a Cloud-based business management system. IG-Global Full-Service-Advertising Agency supports you right from the start with your business experience. From the conception of the name to the implementation of the brand up to the publication of the corporate communication. From the website to social media, but without neglecting the visual communication intended for printing: Business cards, brochures, stationery, posters. Whether it is a new business, a product or a leading company, we find the right strategy.

A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for. – John Augustus Shedd