Differences between CRM and ERP management softwares

The CRM Management Software

CRM is a management software, developed to facilitate companies in their daily work. Generally, the CRM is intended to better manage the relationship with customers, because the customer is at the center of the business strategy. Therefore, coordinate and manage analytically the relationships and every feature useful to retain customers. The CRM is a management system that among the main functions will have the list of all customers. These are divided by category (for example new customers and loyal customers), their contacts such as e-mail, phone number, social media contact and of course the customer’s history.

In summary, we can say that Customer Relationship Management is oriented to:

1. Making customer management processes faster
2. Coordinating the contact with the customer
3. Adjusting the administrative part of the activity

The ERP Management Software

ERP systems, however, are related to a broader business management, this type of management connects the different areas that make up the company and allows managers to monitor the different movements that affect both personnel management (such as holidays, illnesses, overtime, replacements, history of work done, time, achievement of objectives, etc..) and the administrative part (billing, compilation of quotes, employee profile, payrolls, management of income and expenditure, management of company assets, office materials, warehouse, etc..), but also business management and communication between employees. You could insert a chat or rather a social media within the company to facilitate the socialization of the team and communication between a sector and another and between an office and another.

Therefore, an ERP management system can be adopted as a resource for the management of all business models.
Depending on the needs of the sector you can find on the market pre-made programs to install. This solution is usually not very advantageous because in addition to the purchase of the software you will have to come up for the customization of the functions. The best solution is to request a personalized business management system, created specifically for your needs. Easy to use like a website, where each employee works in his “area of expertise” with the possibility, depending on the progress of work, to add new filters.

A customized management software can contain simultaneously the characteristics of the CMR and ERP. All in a single company management software customized according to the needs of the company