Websites for hotels, tourism promotion and online booking

Hotel websites are a particular category of websites because they must contain parameters suitable for the tourism sector. Specifically, they must target a wider audience and be able to transmit to users what they can expect from the structure that is supposed to host them. Hotel websites need to be able to satisfy users in a short time and in a few steps.


It is becoming more and more difficult for hotels to emerge from the world of the web. The launch of numerous research portals makes the world of tourism even more competitive. Today, before booking, the client searches for all available information on the chosen tourist facility. In case of negative reviews that indicate disappointing expectations, the hotel is destined to have increasingly fewer bookings.

Reputation management

Outdated is the perfect term to define the situation because if the credibility of a structure decreases, the visits to the website will also decrease and this means losing positions in Google’s ranking. To avoid this, it is important to maintain your online reputation and manage relationships with social networks and reviews which are not appreciated.

That’s why we at IG-Global provide you with our knowledge to help you improve your hotel’s online reputation, gain more views on your website until you reach your goal: contact or online booking.

To be visible is a matter of updating

The websites of the tourist facilities as well as being attractive, easy to navigate and with beautiful images, must lead to action (booking) in a few clicks. Every little detail must be taken care of. This includes a modern and simple design, SEO, online reputation management (digital public relations), and ADV campaigns with Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

By choosing IG-Global as your partner for the creation of websites for hotels, you will have the following services at your disposal:

– Responsive website
– Connection to the main online booking portals (, Tripadvisor)
– Personalized Landing page
– Call to action
– SEO & Positioning
– Specific Social Media Marketing for Hotels & Tourism
– E-Mail marketing
– Strategic consulting for the web
– Analysis and monitoring of results on the web
– Digital Public Relations (DPR)
– Content Marketing