What is a company management system?

The advantages of having a company management system for work organization

What makes a company winning, small or large, new or established, is the organization. Having order and organization in the management of the activity such as checking orders, monitoring the warehouse and planning the work of employees, are important features that a company owner should have in mind. To help small, medium and large businesses manage work. For many years there have been company management systems that, through the use of filters and parameters, can contribute to greatly improve the quality of a company.

But what is a company management system?

A management software is a computer software that allows the management of the main functions and actions performed by a small and medium business.

In detail we are talking about accounting management such as invoices issued, payrolls of employees, purchases, deadlines and staff schedules.

But also a personal account for each employee, able to manage the progress of work and delivery times. You also can see who should perform what and within which time.

The management system works like a website and can be used from the office computer but also from devices such as smartphones and tablets. This allows you to work from home or control the progress of work even when you are on vacation.
When we look for the word business management it is easy to come across several terms and acronyms such as CRM and ERP.
CRM (Customer Relationship Management), literally “customer relationship management” and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) deal with the planning of business resources.

What is the difference between CRM and ERP?

By definition we can say that CRM and ERP have in common the characteristic of operating systems but in reality they relate to two different addresses. We can also say that the first concerns a simpler project with fewer parameters, while the second is developed to manage more complex and complete processes.

A customized management system can really improve the organization of work, reduce costs, monitor the progress of the company and also assess where to invest more resources.

Thanks to a customized management system the owner of the company can have a real-time view of everything that happens in his company. This includes the work done, the work to do, file sharing between employees to monitor and then better organize work processes.