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The Copywriter

Texts and translations are essential for proper communication with customers. The profession of writing in the digital age is different from the past. Contemporary copywriters have to deal with different needs. One of them is the indexing of the website. Writing a text, which in addition to being unpublished, contains the right keywords and is suitable for everyone to read. Research, simplicity, marketing and web marketing strategies. IG-Global also offers its customers, according to their needs, to have the content translated into multiple languages. Texts and translations have the same importance as logos and advertising graphics in corporate communications.

Sentences, Mottos, SEO-Content

Writing for advertising means entering completely in relationship with the company to be advertised, understanding its needs, vision, and mission and especially the audience to which it is addressed. This analysis is important not only for the realization of advertising campaigns but for everything that is part of a company’s marketing strategies. Those who write texts for the web must have in mind, SEO, the keywords and the target audience.

Die Kunst des Schreibens besteht darin, den Leser vergessen zu lassen, dass wir Wörter verwenden – Henri Bergson


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