How to use videos in your marketing strategy

The video is the basis of the new content Marketing strategies

Video in marketing strategy is one of the most valuable opportunities in the contemporary landscape that companies should not underestimate or misuse. As well as email and paid advertising, videos should also be evaluated as a real advertising campaign. The famous TV commercials were (and still are) moving huge amounts of money. Millions are spent by companies to get 30 seconds of commercials during the most followed events of the season. In some ways, in the world of the web is all a bit different, you always use specific channels (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram). But thanks to the active interaction of users, the effectiveness of our video will be rewarded through sharing and comments. In addition, you can choose to take the “old road” that is, the spots, or use other methods such as mini-series, comic videos or real small scripts.

The video yesterday and today

Yesterday a lot of money was invested and even if you could count on a certain percentage of the public certainly could not say equally on the effectiveness and achievement of the goal. The brand gained more visibility but did people like it?

Today, however, everything has changed, the user is not interrupted by advertising but intercepted, or rather it is he who performs the action of watching a video.

Movement images

But what do we mean by video? The most popular channels of video are certainly the main social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vine. Everyone has now understood the great value and opportunity offered by a video of a few seconds and it is for this reason that all Social Media have updated their systems giving space to the display of videos and slides. Let’s remember that initially there was only YouTube, the other Social came later and adapted. The image is worth a thousand words and the moving image is able to better explain the concepts and achieve a goal.

I deliberately used the phrase “moving images” because we are not only talking about videos, but also about images put together in sequence in order to give the idea of movement, like slide presentations.

The rules

When you decide to plan a video marketing strategy, the same rule apply as for social media, i.e. you must decide in advance on the key points to be respected:

– What to communicate and how
– Choose the style, the tone of the advertising
– Integrate different solutions such as live video (e.g. lunch break), for
make the viewer participate in our little moments

Videos stand out on social media by offering customers a quick overview of a product or events and services without writing down any amount of words. In less than thirty seconds a customer can get the information they need about an activity through a short video that is visually appealing.

Technology helps us

Thanks to the continuous evolution in technological tools it is not difficult, using your smartphone, tablet, cameras and applications to make good videos. We can use videos to:

– Introduce the company
– Present products
– Propose offers
– Create web advertising series
– Tell our story
– Tell about employees
– Let satisfied customers talk

In conclusion, the most important thing when you want to make a video to share it on the company’s social networks is to think about the effect it could have, put yourself in the shoes of the users and ask yourself, would I share it? Is it fun? Just thinking about these questions is enough to find the right way, the rest is “just” stories.