Online shop

The world of online shops: PrestaShop

Before dealing with PrestaShop it is necessary to make a small introduction to e-commerce.

E-commerce is now very widespread in Italy. Unfortunately tho, we are not yet able to compete with international markets (as far as customers are concerned). One of the most important features of online commerce is in fact the ability to offer products for sale to everyone.

For everyone I mean any person, in any place and at any time of day and night. A showcase available and open 24 hours a day, anywhere.

E-Commerce website

Obviously to open up to new markets is essential to create the e-commerce website at least in English, this will make your store understandable to everybody. Having said that, we establish in detail what an e-commerce is, what an online shop window is for and why people should buy right in our store.

An e-commerce is a website that allows users to buy products for sale and pay for them via Paypal, credit card or payment on delivery.

Having an e-commerce website means giving users the opportunity to choose between our products for sale, but also giving managers the opportunity to sell and in a short time and to understand what type of article is worth investing in.

Opening an online shop widens the range of sales possibilities even for the most special items.

The network of possibilities

Remember that every product has its own market and therefore its own buyer; through the web we can broaden the range of possibilities and find our niche of customers.
Having an online showcase does not involve excessive costs, compared to when you decide to open a classic store. To open a physical activity you need to take into account some things, such as space rental, management costs, monthly expenses related to bills and the risk that our business will not be very busy.

E-commerce, instead, will give the opportunity to remain at acceptable costs, both for the “rent” of the web space, the design of the project, the creation of the site and any management costs.

Opening a shop with CMS

Online there are many platforms to create an e-commerce. Among the most reliable and used platforms are PrestaShop and WordPress WooCommerce. Both are CMS (content management system) with the only important difference that PrestaShop was designed exclusively for e-commerce, while WooCommerce is one of the many WordPress plugins that was created for the management of blogs and websites.

Depending on the type of product and size of stock we can decide whether to make the online shopping with one or another CMS.

PrestaShop, as mentioned, is a system made specifically for online commerce; it was created in France in 2007 and now has over three million downloads. Why rely on a CMS like PrestaShop? There are many reasons for this, for example:

A CMS that we can easily customise to the customer’s needs
The ability to add extensions in the project as needed
Access the code to modify the functions as needed
In addition to the technical advantages listed above, there are a number of functions useful to customers in managing the store such as organizing invoices, returns, payments, etc..

Customers will find the interface very easy and user friendly such as product comparison, related items, check out without registration.

In short, PrestaShop is a practical and reliable solution for the creation of online shops.
It is a good idea to rely on experts in the field in the initial phase (design, online publication of the site and testing). PrestaShop supports over 40 languages and has an automatic e-mail system to customers. Most importantly you can integrate different forms of payment securely, manage the warehouse, etc.. It is possible to integrate more than 300 functions that are already provided in the basic solution such as product preview and promotional banners.

IG-Global is a PrestaShop certified partner and this guarantees an optimal result of the performance of your online store.