Corporate image & brand identity

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The brand is the trademark of a product or the logo of a company. Often the brand or logo is accompanied by a tag-line or motto; the phrase that accompanies and reaffirms the concept (e.g. Nike / Just do it, IG-Global / Think big, Think Global).

The coordinated image is a coherence of style, colour and shapes that will compose a whole series of articles for the visual communication of the company, or of the product that contributes to the strengthening of the corporate identity (brand identity):

– Logo
– Sign
– Company uniforms (gowns, aprons, etc.)
– Business card
– Letterhead
– Invoice layout
– Quote layouts
– Brochures
– Packaging
– Diagram
– Poster
– Stationery for the company
– Corporate Gadgets
– Website layout
– Social Media Marketing

What does Brand Identity mean?

The term Brand Identity means the set of aspects and elements of visual communication that determine the perception and reputation of a brand by users.

Visual perception, on which the liking and, consequently, the success of a brand, a company or a product will depend.

The objective is to conceive, give shape and colour to a story to be told, the story of our company, of our product. What is our vision? What expectations do consumers have? How do we want our company to appear in their eyes?

If the Brand Identity is studied in the right way, it can make the message clear and simple that you want to convey and the philosophy contained in a company, a product. Having a general idea of the image to be transmitted is fundamental, not only for the visual communication of the company (logo, business cards, website, advertising videos), but above all to build the solid foundations of a successful company. The representation of the image to be transmitted is the facade of the building. The purpose of Brand Identity is precisely this: to be able to transmit what is inside.

Coherence and simplicity are the main keywords to have in mind.

If you search the web, or more easily take a walk in the center of your city, you can see for yourself the appearance and images that you can see in the signs of the shops. How many of them have been careful in the choice of name, colors, fonts and above all are consistent with their activity? Not many, I think.

A search on the web, however, is useful to understand what we like and why, and especially what we do not like. Studying the trends of the moment is not necessary to copy and understand what is fashionable today. It also serves to avoid making mistakes and to be as different as possible from the masses. Today news and trends expire quickly, so having a structure that rests on solid foundations is the most important thing.


The brand or corporate identity needs a plan. Not just a simple plan, but a real strategic plan. A brand must be in line with the trends of the market to which consumers refer; it must evolve gradually and strategically over time.

Reputation management

Not everything you experience builds a reputation. It is not so difficult to build a good reputation, the problem is to keep it over the years. Activating the right way to listen is the key to understanding what people think about their brand, shop, business. It’s not always easy to be critical of yourself, but to fully understand and correct mistakes you need to listen to your customers, monitor access to the website, asking your staff. You don’t have to be afraid of not liking it, it helps to improve and grow more and more. No one is perfect, luckily!


This point is not intended as communication and advertising, but it means making your voice heard, unique, strong and clear through the brand.