New social media trends among young people

Young people flee Facebook and new social media trends emerge

There are many users who run away from social media, and many of them have never logged in: We’re talking about teenagers.

Facebook is considered “old stuff,” and young people don’t want to be part of a mechanism that they have to share with their parents.

In the United States, Snapchat , a phone messaging application, has been available since 2011.

The Snapchat Revolution

Snapchat has revolutionized the world of new social media with the ability to instantly share videos with friends. The videos only stay on the screen for a few seconds.

In terms of advertising, this means that we can share offers (which only those who can see the video can see), trigger new interactive strategies (such as promoting a treasure hunt) or give an exclusive preview of a new product before it even goes on the market.

From this, we have learned that social trends point a lot to the disposable, a fast interaction that stays suspended for a while and then disappears.

Instagram is the most popular social media among young people.

Instagram is a social that we can define as non-binding, fast and focused on sharing and realizing images.

It works for the search of interests and allows the possibility to share videos in real time.

In terms of social media marketing, to reach an audience of young people (if your goal allows it).

It makes sense to start with Instagram and choose Snapchat as your future perspective. It only takes time for Snapchat to become more effective in Italy.