Why is it important to have a website?

IG-Global Web Solutions

Having a website today is the most important thing especially for those who have a company or a business but even for self-employed people. Without a website you don’t exist. It may seem like an exaggerated statement, and most likely it is. In recent years the way to advertise and be visible has changed. Some time ago there was talking, “pagine gialle”, advertising in newspapers and magazines. The web has changed everything, the way we communicate, write and interpret advertising has changed.

Without a website it is difficult to convey your image and be known by the general audience, and be easily recognizable.

The website is how we present ourselves to customers, how we illustrate our services and the possibility of expanding the market by translating the site into multiple languages. Having a website allows you to manage a much larger market beyond your imagination. This will allow you to have online feedback. Having feedback means giving old and new customers the opportunity to evaluate your business and see the ratings.

For small businesses and artisans it is a way to present news to their customers, inform them about promotional packages and entertain them with articles and ideas. Obviously, if you own a business, the first thing to do is to open an online shopping shop.

People are curious and do not like to waste time, they will also look for your company on Google and if they do not find it, they will open the website of an alternative company, most likely of a competitor.

With the combination of social media and website you can get a word of mouth, fast and immediate. The company’s website should be created even before print advertising; even before the business card.

It’s well known that customers are looking for you on Google!