Social Media Management

Managing personal Social accounts, which have no advertising purposes, is an automatic action. We take our Smartphone and decide to publish a photo, comment on an article and share a thought. It is a natural action that we do when we want, without giving importance to the frequency of access. Without thinking too much, we can disconnect for more than a week if we are fed up with the social world. For personal accounts that are not for commercial purposes, there is no need for a social media marketing strategy.

The editorial plan

Having an editorial plan means establishing in advance, week by week or month by month, what will be shared and published in our social accounts. Even if we only have one profile, for example Facebook, it is advisable to be as present as possible, planning to publish and share even on weekends and outside office hours (the time of greatest turnout within the social).

The applications for social management

To help us manage social media, organize the publication and sharing of posts, images, states, tweets and so on there are several platforms.

The platforms to manage the world of social media allow us to better organize the work of social media managers who are dealing with many accounts of different customers.

For this reason the platforms for managing social media are always available in free or paid versions. Free versions very often allow you to manage no more than two or at most three different profiles and have basic features to monitor progress and schedule the publication of posts. Paid versions allow you to manage from 50 to infinite accounts and have many monitoring and support functions.

Among the many platforms for social media management we decided to compare 2 of the most used: Hootsuite and Buffer.

Differences between Hootsuite and Buffer

Hootsuite is a platform for the management of social media that has existed since 2008 and is one of the most complete and used platforms. Even in the free version it allows you to manage up to 3 profiles for all existing social networks. The free version of Buffer, on the other hand, allows you to manage only one profile and is limited to the five most used social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

The interface

Hootsuite’s interface may seem a little less intuitive but for those used to using WordPress it will have many similarities. There are several tutorials on the net to learn and as for all things with time it improves. The interface of Buffer is very simple, intuitive and designed for the uninitiated.

The organization of work

In Hootsuite it will be possible to insert the social networks used for a certain profile through tabs, while in streams we can control what happens and manage multiple streams for the same social media.
Of course you can publish in real time or schedule the day and time of publication of a post. Buffer allows you to organize your work in an interesting way.
The messages created will automatically go into the category “add to queue”. In short they are waiting for review, publication or finish in the schedule, or in the section of the planned post.

Besides Hootsuite and Buffer there are many other platforms and applications that can help in the management of social media accounts, but the two mentioned in this article are the most used and as such are very up to date. Very important and not negligible thing: Hootsuite is now available in all languages, even in Italian.
While Buffer uses only the English language.