Search Engine Omptimization

Search Engine Optimization

Getting Search Engine Optimization on search engines (like being indexed on Google). The most important thing is to appear on the results of the SERP (search engine results page), among the top positions of the search, or at least in the first page of the options searched.

A recent study has established that about 96% of users stop at the first page of the search results.

Getting the Search Engine Optimization is a complex job that requires the expertise of several professionals: copywriters to write consistent texts and easy to read: SEO specialists who after a thorough analysis of the “case” will know which strategies to use; Social media specialists who will organize the viral campaign. Last but not least: the web designers, because once the website has been brought to the top of the search engines, it is important that the user does not leave the page.

It is important that the user is impressed by the attractive, fluid and dynamic graphics.

To get Search Engine Optimization is important to:

– Choose the keywords to use in the website
– Write texts using the chosen keywords
– Write original texts and to not copy them from other websites
– Make sure that the written texts are dense enough, but not too dense
– Be consistent with the matching and repetition of keywords
– Combining the SEO strategy with an SMM Campaign
– Not forget to include in the pages internal and external links

Insert “call to action” such as a link to the contact page or subscription to the newsletter
This is in summary some of the things that need to be done in order for a website to reach the top of SERP.