Graphic layout

What is the layout?

The graphic layout is about the way in which the weights of the contents (texts, images, videos) are managed in a given space.

Being able to better manage the space, optimizing the images and text, giving the right “breath” to the page. It seems simple but in reality, to make sure that everything works perfectly in a given space, it requires a lot of experience in graphic layout and creativity.

The graphic layout referring to the web must be studied and customized in order to give priority to usability. This means that the user can easily access the contents of the web page.

The ultimate goal of a graphic layout is to manage the space in order to highlight the content, without neglecting the aesthetic factor.

Whether it’s a website or a print advertisement, the important thing is to get the right balance between functionality and aesthetics.

This means that the layout must and can be beautiful but, above all, it must be comprehensible, highlighting the key contents of the message you want to convey.

The work of the graphic designer, therefore, is not only to choose colors and make something nice and pleasant. He must know where to convey the attention of the reader-customer in order to capture his attention.

The IG-Global team is made up of experts who provide their expertise, working together to ensure an excellent result.