Packaging Design

What is Packaging Design?

Packaging design means developing the packaging, designing it. Precisely, packaging is a term generally used in advertising to indicate a wrapper, a package, mostly food. The milk carton, the cup of yoghurt, egg box and so on are all packaging.

Nowadays, this term is increasingly associated with the word design; packaging design is no longer considered at the food level, even if it is in this area that the best results and special ideas are achieved.

Another area where graphic designers express themselves best is certainly cosmetics, especially the design of bottles with “famous” perfumes and their matching images.

In short, everything that is offered on the market is subject to the creation of marketing strategies related to packaging.

More and more companies are choosing to design promotional packaging for their services and products.

In order to attract the public, companies also resort to the creation of apparently useless objects: corporate gadgets.

Shopping bags, folders, paper envelopes, the packaging of a handmade product. A well-designed packaging with an attractive shape and interesting content is reused and kept by the consumer carrying your advertising.

IG-Global’s graphic designers create packaging that helps you stand out, make you recognisable and embody your corporate philosophy.

An information medium that people inadvertently register, the more attractive the design, the more widespread it is, the more identifiable your brand will be. A useful form of marketing!

Stand out, inform yourself, strengthen your corporate identity, attract the attention of consumers. Offer added value for your product or brand: this is, what packaging means.

In addition, a company that sells products through e-commerce will certainly make deliveries by courier, and then the products must be packaged.

Why don’t you make yourself recognizable by personalized packaging? We at IG-Global are full of ideas and all you have to do is contact us!