Web Marketing

Advertising in the Internet Era

Marketing is not simply advertising, but it is something that has been enriched and evolved over the years with new meanings. Each era has been marked by different trends, needs, objectives, means and expectations. Marketing is composed of the noun “market”, understood as a place where you make trade exchanges taking into account the supply and demand of services and goods. Marketing is understood as a set of processes and activities undertaken by companies that aim to meet the needs of customers. In contemporary society a marketing strategy cannot be planned without considering communication, listening, value creation and relationship. Doing marketing, therefore, means listening, interacting, transmitting value and communicating with customers and consumers, studying their needs and preferences to be able to satisfy them in the best way, establishing a lasting and profitable relationship for both (company and consumer). And it is the consumer, therefore, with his needs and desires, to be the central point around which marketing revolves.

Web marketing is the new border of contemporary communication.

Marketing, on one hand, creates profit for the seller and, on the other, generates satisfaction for the buyer. Doing marketing does not only mean taking actions to increase turnover, but the mission of marketing is also to create value around the company, brands and products or services. Communication, listening, value creation and relationship or rather relationships, all operations that with the web are within everyone’s reach, just know how to grasp and read literally between the lines. There are many different possibilities, strategies and combinations to make sure you get the right visibility on the web. The web is a tool that everyone can use to get their own space, the problem is that other millions of people who have the same business have done the same thing. There is a lot of competition in the web, and for this reason we use the strategies of Web Marketing, to succeed in the top positions of the lists of search engines, for those who are looking for you in social media.

Instead of one-way interruption, Web Marketing is about delivering useful content at just the precise moment the buyer needs it. – David Meerman Scott