Advertising campaigns

Web marketing, advertising campaigns & strategy

Making your website visible in competition is essential to take advantage of a global showcase like the Web. The presence at the top of the search is possible through various web marketing tools: SEO (writing texts with the right keywords), the creation of attractive content (SEO content, infographics) and the use of paid advertising campaigns. The combination of the careful use of social media. As for advertising campaigns: We speak of online and offline advertising campaigns. Offline means anything that has to do with visual communication from the press, such as flyers, posters, advertising in newspapers, etc. In online advertising campaigns, we mean all these processes that are targeted and tailored to different needs. For example, we start with indexing the website (SEO) to be among the first in Google search, creating and managing social profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Google plus, etc., to create targeted advertising campaigns through search engines and social media. There are many solutions that are suitable for different needs and you can invest according to your possibilities.

SEO, online ADV & Social Media

In short:

– SEO strategies, web optimization for search engine indexingSEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
– SMM, a targeted social media marketing campaign, ensures advertising and especially visibility in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo; on all social platforms of the web.
– DEM, Direct Email Marketing consists of sending advertising emails to its customers or prospects. The direct email marketing solution is highly appreciated because it is economical, effective and ecologically sustainable as it saves paper material.

Without a strategy and planned goals, social networks are a waste of time and money. – IG-Global