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Agenzia pubblicitaria full service

Full-Service Web Agency = Full-Service

IG-Global is a full-service advertising agency based in Egna in the province of Bolzano. Our agency is dedicated to providing a comprehensive, personal service. In particular, we take care of the conception, design, execution, promotion, and distribution of advertising according to your business requirements. A tailor-made project that responds to the needs of the market and the expectations of the client. We can, therefore, achieve excellent results through cooperation.

From brand conception to advertising.

IG-Global Full-Service-Advertising Agency supports you right from the start with your business experience. From the conception of the name to the implementation of the brand up to the publication of corporate communication. From the website to social media, but without neglecting the visual communication intended for printing: Business cards, brochures, notepaper, posters. Whether it is a new business, a product or a leading company, we will find the right strategy.

"Advertising is as old as the world. As everyone knows, the snake has already advertised Eve her fruits"