Advertising graphics

Advertising content

The graphic advertising service includes everything that is produced for the visual communication of a company or a product. Advertising graphics are about visual communication, the aesthetics, weights and structure, content and meaning of something that needs to be done. The work of the advertising designer is a combination of many skills. There are a few words that can better explain the meaning of the word graphic, and these are: Weight, size, balance, composition and summary. Summary is the word that perhaps best explains the meaning of graphics, because the graphic artist’s work is nothing more than that: a work of reduction and simplification. To find the core of the project to be realized, to arrive at the simplest solution through a reduction process. IG-Global offers its clients the possibility of a complete communication service from the idea / implementation of the logo to the creation of material for online and offline advertising campaigns.

Infographics & packaging

In the panorama of the possibilities of advertising graphics, infographics and storytelling spread without forgetting the packaging. Infographics are a collection of data and visual statistics. A possibility not to bore the user and to be clearer. Infographics are also used to explain processes in an appealing way and to compare two or more situations. Storytelling is an advertising method that involves the user’s emotions. Presenting a product, service or company in a unique and different way. Packaging is a term commonly used in advertising to describe a wrapper, a box, usually food. Today, this term is increasingly associated with the word design; packaging design is no longer considered at the food level. More and more companies are opting for the design of promotional packaging for their services and products. Shopping bags, briefcases, paper envelopes, the packaging of a handmade product or a company device. A well-designed packaging with an attractive shape and interesting content will be reused and stored by the consumer carrying your advertising.

A vast sector of modern advertising does not appeal to reason but to emotion – Erich Fromm