Advertising photos and videos

Photographic services

Photography and video advertising are essential to appear in today’s competitive Internet world. We are overwhelmed by images and videos, so it is important to get help from professionals in the field of photography and video advertising. The images, in the form of photos and videos, are part of a universal language. Where the word does not arrive (not everyone wants to read), pictures and videos reach. The invention of photography was the exact time of the transition to modernity. Videos and advertising images, when well managed, are the basic tool to promote corporate communication and advertising.

The drone for new perspectives

IG-Global also produces presentations and advertising videos with the help of drones. The drone is a small helicopter that is controlled from the ground and allows you to take videos and photos from above. A real innovation for IG-Global customers. From the creation of the project to the elaboration of the pictures, from the recording to the processing, we can realize videos and photos in high quality. With the help of the drone, you can enjoy a different perspective! Ideal for advertising tourist attractions and hotels with a 360-degree panoramic view. We are proud to offer our customers the innovation of the drone, which is able to convey emotions and an unprecedented advertising image to you. Panoramic photos, emotional videos that attract customers’ attention. The video drone allows you to see the images from a different perspective, much more dynamic and impressive than a handheld camera. The images can be taken from a minimum distance of 20 cm from the floor so you can create the same suggestive conditions indoors. For example, you can use the drone to dynamically and entertainingly present your company and your team, leaving your customers speechless and making it clear that the company you’ve relied on is modern and progressive!

A picture is worth a thousand words – Konfuzius