Advertising graphics

Packaging Design

Packaging Design What is Packaging Design? Packaging design means developing the packaging, designing it. Precisely, packaging is a term generally used in advertising to indicate a wrapper, a package, mostly food. The milk carton, the cup of yoghurt, egg box and so on are all packaging. Nowadays, this term is increasingly associated with the word …

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Who’s the copywriter, what’s his job?

Who’s the copywriter, what’s his job? The copywriter is a professional figure who works mainly in the advertising sector and is responsible for editorial advertising. He usually works in teams with the art director. Both know a lot about each other’s work. In advertising agencies the figure of the author is of central importance, because …

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Corporate image & brand identity

Corporate image & brand identity IG-Global Web Solutions The brand is the trademark of a product or the logo of a company. Often the brand or logo is accompanied by a tag-line or motto; the phrase that accompanies and reaffirms the concept (e.g. Nike / Just do it, IG-Global / Think big, Think Global). The …

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